Various Predictive Reports from academia and industry


Newman, T & Beetham , H. (2017) Student digital experience tracker 2017: the voice of 22,000 UK learners. JISC

2017 "Supporting student success: strategies for institutional change What Works? Student Retention & Success programme " (Not exactly Tech related, but important)

"Time for Class 2017" report that looks at the "state of digital learning in higher education and to provide recommendations to the field on opportunities to expand digital learning in service of improved student outcomes."

A nice adaptation from the Uni of Minnesota of the2016 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies in HiEd. 

2016 Top 10 Uniniversity IT issues from EDUCAUSE  

2016 – 2019 Foothill College Technology Master Plan

2016 ELI (EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative) top issues and similarity with EDUCAUSE top IT issues

The 2017 and 2016 Horizon reports

2017 JISC Digital Student experience tracker

The 2015 HiEd Horizon Report

Digital Futures report for Australia

“System Upgrade – Realising the Vision for UK education (2012).” A report from the ESRC/EPSRC Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme. Director: Richard Noss, London Knowledge Lab. 

The EU Future of Learning report 2011

BLOG on 2014 HiEd Technology predictions

University of the Future report (Australian) 

Ohio University's "Digital First" initiative.

Ohio's Digital First Impact Grant

System Upgrade - Realising the vision for UK education. Tech Enhanced Learning UK. 2012

2014 ECAR report , 2016 ECAR report (student IT use)

A quick summary of changes in student ownership over the last few years (adapted from ECAR Reports)

A quick summary of changes in student ownership over the last few years (adapted from ECAR Reports)

Adelaide Uni's e-experience strategy, 2013 -2017

2013 Report. Profiling diversity of Australian universities. ACER

Charles Sturt Uni Report and BLOG

A useful Blog forwarded by A/Prof Richard Caladine from W'gong Uni

Brown, S. Large-scale innovation and change in UK higher education . Research in Learning Technology Vol. 21, 2013