Journalism and Comms- a mobile learning focus


Some links to uinteresting professional sites including "killer Apps" in journalism

iPhone journalism site

21 Tips for mobile Nijas

iPhone Journalism (link to Dublin Story)

The iOgrapher site - cases etc for iPhone, iPad to convert to mobile production unit

(as opposed to iTunes U collections of material - over 100 institution ranging from Oxford to Yale have offerings there if you search iTunes U for "Journalism")


Plenty more than this - search in AppStore for "Journalism"

From Michigan State School of Journalism

Medill School of Journalism

Nieman Journalism Lab

UNC School of Journalism

Uni Texis at Austin Moody College of Comms story on App Dev't

These two I have, but note that a search on the iBookStore comes back with piles of offerings. Some free, some not

Apple PR on Missouri U.

A nice one from Columbia on "what is a journalist?". Nothing to do with iPads, but I like it :-)

Emerson journalism's iBook story

Western Ontario Online journalism projects