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Rosse, B et al (2017) "Print versus digital texts: understanding the experimental research and challenging the dichotomies" Research in Learning Technology. 25: 1976

2016 Report on eTextbooks from Florida Virtual Campus - tracking changes from 2012 -2016. 2017 EDUCAUSE

Indiana Uni has been running an eText project for a few years as of 2017 . A report and video are on the EDUCAUSE site

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2016 iBook by multiple HiEd contributors on the how they are using interactivity in their books

iBooks Author starter Kit

Overview of the ePub standard

Report from Cornell, Indiana, Minnesota et al on their eText project, 2012

An Apple site for support in using iBooks Author 

Tutorial on creating ePubs with Calibre

Tutorials with video for using iBooks Author

More "widgets" for iBooks Authorcare of Bookry

The free eBook " Publishing with iBook Author" from O'Reilly 

Liz Castro's book"EPUB Straight to the Point"

Sigil software for creating ePubs and Calibre software. Both free

Creative Book Builder App for creating ePubs on the iPad and review of 3 other Apps to do same

COFA (UNSW) and ALTC video on the DUCKLING project in the UK.

efficiency of ePub versus print workflows paper - Lovell-Simons, A. & Kerr, S. (2011). E-books – a key to greater accessibility. In G. Williams, P. Statham, N. Brown & B. Cleland (Eds.), Changing Demands, Changing Directions. Proceedings ascilite Hobart 2011. (pp.826-828)

"E-book Reading Jumps; Print Book Reading Declines" from Pew Research Center, 2012

2012 Report on eTexts (and student App usage) from Uni of Central Florida

A less positive opinion on eBooks in research.

Damian Keil @ Manchester Metropolitan University Exercice & Sports Science 2014- Distance Learning via eBooks.

2015 - OER based curiculum as good as textbooks- Fisher, L et al. A multi-institutional study of the impact of open textbook adoption on the learning outcomes of post-secondary students. Journal of Computing in Higher Education. December 2015, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 159-172

eBooks of Possible interest

Using Technology in Education (K-12 to Hi Ed)

iPad user guide (free)

Garageband for iPad ($1.99)

Another Garageband option! (free)

Lecturing with an iPad (free)

Teaching with the iPad ($1.99)

The handy tips guide for iPad ($2.99)

iPad use by medical professionals (free)

iPhoto and the iPad ($2.99)

Keynote and the iPad ($2.99)

Pages for iPad ($3.99)

Great Guides on iPad use by AUT Uni

iPad at Work by Apple Inc. - Business

iPad at Work - Volume 2 by Apple Inc. - Business

Lifelong Learning with iPad (99c)

GREAT books done by AUT University in Auckland on using the iPad.